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Pemerhati Jalanan


Nepotism, subject of controversy has been widely debated in the media by both sides of the divides, putting forward their arguments, truthful or not to their cause, some with humour and Sinicism but others bringing forward intellectual discourse, for and against on...


Usahawan Sosial. Niaga Mikro. Waqaf PasarMan Muslim Coach Association Malaysia Tarikh : 24 November. Rabu. Masa : 8.45 pagi hingga 10.30 pagi Tetamu Khas YBM Dato' Sri Mustapa bin Mohamed Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Economy) & Chairman of Centre...

Commercializing and enhancing the potential of Cajuput oil

Traditionally, “Melaleuca Cajuputi” tree, which is commonly known as “Cajuput” or “Pokok Gelam”, has been used to heal small wounds and to help with headaches and little is known that the oil extract from the leaves of the tree is widely used as an ingredient to make...

Are Doctors Overpaid?

Every year, medical students apply for residencies at hospitals around the country through the National Resident Matching Program. It's like a dating app for med students and hospitals, and it culminates this Friday, which is Match Day, when more than 30,000...

Boeing debacle shows need to investigate Trump-era corruption

Once considered the “world’s gold standard for aircraft safety,” the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was conspicuously slower than the rest of the world to take appropriate action after a tragic airline crash in Ethiopia credibly called into question the safety...

Good Medicine: Universal Paid Sick Leave

Protecting the health of workers is a crucial factor in maintaining a productive workforce. However, this objective remains inaccessible for many Americans due to the lack of universal access to paid sick leave. Over 40 million American workers still do not have...

The Centre for Economic Policy Research Malaysia (CEPR)

The Centre for Economic Policy Research Malaysia ("CEPR Malaysia") is a non-governmental and non-profit Centre committed in contributing to the growth and development of the Malaysian economy through the building of an efficient market economy and nurturing growth in the private sector.

It strives to develop a world class think-tank to provide inputs to the national economic policies and strategies and translating them into implementable business models through private sector business initiatives.

Supported by a number of senior council members with vast experience from a number of economic sectors, CEPR Malaysia adopts a two-pronged approach in its research which aims to contribute towards formulation of national economic policies and strategies as well as an implementable action plan to promote private sector growth. More importantly, CEPR Malaysia is looking to translate these policies and strategies to short, medium and long-term business models and act as a catalyst in bridging the key stakeholders, i.e. national and international communities, policymakers, financial institutions and entrepreneurs to promote healthy and sustainable growth of the Malaysian economy.

Through several engagement sessions between its senior council members and business leaders, CEPR Malaysia has identified a total of 20 industrial clusters with Business Initiatives ("BI") that would bring great impact in promoting economic growth especially in business and job creation, as well as controlling the cost of living.


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