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Nepotism, subject of controversy has been widely debated in the media by both sides of the divides, putting forward their arguments, truthful or not to their cause, some with humour and Sinicism but others bringing forward intellectual discourse, for and against on the subject of merit of the appointment. However, this unplanned event prove the openness of present leadership to accept feedback and platform of check and balance in our democratic process. All are well spoken from both supporters and oppositions, critics by activists such as Rahman Letchumanan, Charles CJ Chow, Ambiga, Jomo, opposition party leader, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Agamawan, Mufti of Pulau Pinang all giving their own “rightful perspectives”.

Question lingers in our mind, Anwar and Nurul Izzah, are they too naïve to spark off this controversy that challenge their own credibility and shaked own vision towards building “Negara Madani”? Is the appointment of one of family members among other many independent and qualified advisors from outside and within the seniors and experienced civil services going to shake up the integrity and credibility of Anwar – led government? Is as tough that the sky is falling down our beloved Nation. I wonder how Rasullulah S.A.W would tackle this issue if issue of Saidina Ali, a cousin and trusted friend having accepted among “sahabat” and close advisor to him.

Is Anwar under tremendous pressure to quickly perform for the welfare of the Rakyat and to reverse the country’s downward trend? Does the leadership has the comfort of time to quickly put credible team to strategize, act and deliver result? Has he been briefed by Finance Ministry how bad is the financial governance and Nation State of Finance which gave him the worse worry? Is he being approached to consider another candidate of which he is unsure? Are these reasons causing him to breakaway from his promise not to hold the Finance Ministry Post, against the promise of his party to the people. Answers are only known to him.

 These reasons demand him not only to have experience, knowledgeable and skillful team but most of all, integrity and trust. He needs to immediately find a person who he can really depend on, who are steadfast, sincere and truthful to him. Nurul Izzah fit well to the requirements and at the same time shared her father’s vision.

To deliver his vision, he needs to be given the freedom to form his own team who he has the trust and confidence for them to deliver. Can we provide a bit more trust and freedom for him to decide to select his team?

By he announcing Nurul Izzah’s appointment, it reflects transparency and the need of accountability. A shift from practice of the past of having “Kitchen Cabinet” as informal advisors which absence of transparency and accountability. Even now there are many self-acclaimed advisors going around.

Has Anwar ready with safety net and caveats to protect the integrity of the system due to provision of temporary departure or exceptions in need of compromise in the pursuit of nation interest? In the case of Nurul Izzah appointment, the caveats can be in terms of employment, tenor of employment, terms of reference and authority limit.

On another note, can we bring in our human element and our spiritual being in understanding politics? Has politic turns us into becoming “political animal”? Without doubt, can we accept Nurul Izzah’s acceptance as adviser, as duty and sibling love for her father to protect him and her love for the nation?

Is it not the Greatest God Gift to human beings is his “Love for us”? Our beloved mother, Saiyidina Khadijah, her love for Prophet Muhammad S.A.W that provide strength to Prophet S.A.W in the early years of propagation of Islam. Our beloved mother, “Aishah, her love for Prophet S.A.W” during the building of ideal State of Medina. Azizah’s love for Anwar, Siti Hasmah’s love for Mahathir, Sharifah Rodziyah’s love for Tunku Abdul Rahman, Rahah’s love for Tun Abdul Razak, Ainun’s love for Habibie and others, bringing strengths to their husbands in governing the Nation. Let the seed of “love” bind and unite us in our “Nation Building”

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